Track Days

At least once per year OMCC take over a UK race circuit for a double-header event, only for club members. Over the last few years we have held these events at the iconic MSV circuits of Oulton Park, Cadwell Park, Snetterton and Rockingham.

Each event is subsidised by OMCC making a two-day back-to-back event almost the same price as single day with any other UK track company. Typically included in the event costs are overnight camping at the circuit, food on the middle night (usually a hog roast or similar), evening entertainment and we ensure the bar is opened. And closed at a sensible time!

As MSV lay on the marshals and race control staff for the entire event everyone is free to enjoy themselves. Except our track instructors who usually work overtime on these events.


Places are limited per group depending on the circuit, as they are on commercial track days also. As such you may find that a Cadwell event will sell out much faster than one for Snetterton, where the group numbers are higher. The fastest an event has sold out is 47minutes. That means it is wise to keep an eye on the OMCC communications and have your OMCC membership in order ahead of the event being available for purchase via the website.

The cost for the 2 days on track will be announced closer to the event.

The event timing will work similar to that of our ARDs or normal commercial track days.

Remember: During the booking process you will not be asked which group you wish to go in. This information will be taken from your online profile and will be used to calculate the groups (Fast, Inters, Novice) closer to the time of the event. Your chosen group therefore may not be the one you end up in. Priority will be given to those who book earlier.

The noise limit for the two days on track will also be confirmed closer to the event but is likely to sit at 102db static. If you are removed from the track session because of noise you will have an opportunity to remedy the situation by fitting baffles and then being noise tested again.

The OMCC committee love running these events and club members love attending them. There is often a 2nd event during the year also, calendar and commitments depending, so do not worry too much if you miss out on the first of the year.

See you at the next one!


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