The OMCC Mopedathon’s are a chance for teams of riders to show-off their random incarnations of former moped glory.

OMCC have been running a charity mopedathon for around ten years now and they grow bigger and better each time. This year we are aiming to exceed our previous record entry and (COVID permitting) will be running two events (? Link to Calendar) So it will soon be time again to move the boxes of toys, bikes and tools from the back of the garage and dig out the ‘ped that’s not seen the light of day for many months, give it a kick and see if it runs. Next, find a group of like-minded idiots and rope them into joining in. Then, think of a suitable team name.

Overview of “The Rules”

The Mopedathon is open to teams of up to 5 riders. For these special events, team members do not all have to be OMCC members. Plus, one additional ‘Spare’ rider is permitted per team in case you break one of them. Pre-registered spectators are also welcome (COVID controls permitting) – but no dogs. One Moped per team only.

Mopeds must have been road legal at some point in their history.

Maximum capacity is 50cc (2 stroke) or 90cc (4-stroke). Mopeds will be subject to scrutineering and the scrutineer’s decision on suitability to participate is final.

All riders must have suitable protective clothing. Detailed information on suitability and bike preparation can be found below.

The Mopedathon

The event is a six-hour endurance event. However, we do not time or count laps and it is strictly not a ‘race’. The start is a Le Mans style footrace from the far side of the track (that’s a distance of about 10 feet for the salad dodgers). We then run the peds around the course for approx. three hours – or as long as the ped runs without breaking down. After lunch we re-start in the same way but run the afternoon session in reverse (no not the peds, the track).

Eligibility and equipment

The standard OMCC Event Terms and Conditions apply to this event. Riders need to have a valid driving licence (CBT or car licences are ok) and wear suitable protective clothing, full face helmet, gloves and boots. Leathers are recommended, one piece or zip together two-piece with a long zip. Cordura type gear is generally acceptable but we’d recommend that this has body armour (knee and elbow pads as a minimum) underneath and would also recommend that all riders wear back protectors.

JEANS are not acceptable!

The ‘Ped

Your trusty steed must comply with some basic requirements:

1. Each moped entered in the Mopedathon will be required to pass scrutineering. We appreciate that the machines entered will mostly be approaching the end of their useful life, but they must be at least safe to ride. This is to ensure that the mopeds are not a danger to the rider or other participants.
2. Engine capacity must NOT exceed 50cc for two strokes or 90cc for four strokes, or equivalent power for electric mopeds (4kw) and speed limited.
3. One moped per team. You can run two mopeds if you pay for two teams.
4. Mopeds to be adequately silenced, excessively noisy bikes will fail scrutineering. Teams with bikes that become noisy in use may be asked to correct this if they wish to continue.
5. All glass items (headlamps, indicators, etc.) are to be removed or taped up.
6. Mopeds must have adequate front and rear brakes.
7. Tyres are to be in a safe condition and have reasonable amount of tread.
8. Mopeds must have a clearly marked on/off (kill) switch (a Tie-wrap on the HT lead will not do).
9. The fuel system is to be free of leaks, the tank is to have a sealing cap and have means of shutting off the fuel supply.
10. Mini-Moto’s and pit-bikes are not classified as mopeds and are therefore not eligible for the Event. The organisers decision on this is final.
Note: The words “reasonable “and “safe” as applied in these guidelines have been used in order to allow an amount of common sense and minimal expense to be involved in moped preparation; however should any moped be found to be in a blatantly unsafe condition, it will not be allowed to take part in the event, until the defect/s has been rectified. The organisers’ judgement will be deemed final.


Participants are responsible for their own and the safety of others. Explicitly dangerous riding will not be tolerated. Your team may be asked to take a 10 minute ‘breather’ if aggressive riding is seen. That will be the one and only warning – any further issues will mean removal from the event.
Spectators must remain behind the safety barriers at all times. Any participants riding on mopeds must have a helmet on at all times – even in the paddock area. Each team will be allocated a marshalling time and location – it is essential that every team covers the marshal point that they are allocated at their allotted times or the event will stop.
Laughing and pointing at your teammate when he falls off is compulsory.

Entry and Payment

Application and payment are now made via PayPal from the Events Calendar, click on the event to expand it, read the instructions on completion of the fields and then add to your basket, you don’t have to be a paid up member to purchase a ticket for the mopedathon. If you have any extra charity donations above the £100 entry fee, these may be handed in to the event organiser on the day.
Sorry but we cannot accept teams just turning up on the day and we will require details of all team members, all spectators and vehicles in advance for security reasons. Please give as much notice as possible of any changes to
Changes provided within 14 days of the event will need to be accepted (confirmation will be sent), if you do not receive a confirmation of acceptance your change will not have been recorded and any persons named on the change will not be permitted into the event. No changes are to be made within three days of the event as all entrants and spectators’ details must be lodged with the RAF security team in advance.


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