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The OMCC can trace its history back to the early 90’s when a group of bikers at RAF Odiham started to organise ride-outs amongst themselves. Over a period of time, this gathered legs with more and more riders showing interest with more meetings being organised.

In 1999, a certain person called Doug (some of you may know him) took over as OIC (Officer in Command) and from there, with the birth of the internet and the capability to communicate ideas and events, the OMCC really took off.

In 2002, the idea of using the airfield for Airfield Riding Days (ARDs) was born, and with a group of enthusiastic military personnel convincing the Station Commander that the use of his airfield was a good thing, the first of many ARD’s took place, that was nearly 20 years ago! Since then, we estimate that in the region of 40 plus ARDs (involving a selection of layouts) have been held benefiting not only you, our club members, but as you can see from the Charitable Donations page, the wider community.

Whilst these military personnel were a driven bunch, with the success of the club they found themselves working longer and longer hours until in 2006 they had that eureka moment. The civilian members who supported in the set up and running of the ARDs were clearly an underutilised resource, and whilst military members came and went the majority of the Hampshire based civilians remained. It seemed only sensible to invite them to join the military members on the committee. Bringing with them a wealth of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm this was a turning point for the club, and one that has allowed it to go from strength to strength.  

Of course, the OMCC has not just been about ARD’s, the club has been holding commercial track days for a number of years. Initially running 1 a year alternating between Cadwell and Snetterton, this allowed between 120 to 180 club members the chance to enjoy such two days at these circuits hired entirely for the club’s entertainment. The cost of such undertakings is not cheap with Cadwell costing around £19K and Oulton Park £24K, however the cost was subsidised by the club providing its members with very competitive rates for the 2 days. Basing the organisation and the running of them on the hugely successful ARDs and working hand in hand with the circuits management the OMCC a great working relationship was forged and more importantly, a reputation for running well organised and safe events. For more information, please see the Track Days page.

In the early 2000’s, the OMCC started to take part in the No Budget Cup to introduce newcomers to the thrill of racing. This underwent several changes with the last iteration being the friendly yet competitive European Endurance racing championship that ventured to circuits such as Zolder, Assen, Zandvoort and Quoire. The club pays the race entry fees, provides the race bikes along with assorted parts and spares required to survive a few days abroad (spare wheels, spare parts etc). The atmosphere at such events has always been outstanding with many club members striving to make the last event of the series for the social.

Off Road Riding became part of the clubs activities in 2007 with 2 dirt bikes and all the kit being bought for the use of club members. Events were organised over the weekend at Longmoor, Bordon, Aldershot and Wales. Courses were laid out within these areas to cater from novice to expert alike. The bikes have long gone, but the kit is still available for club members to use. In 2021 it is hoped that Off Road Riding will be on the agenda again with trips planned to Wales and the local use of MOD land.

In keeping with the fun element at the heart of the club it took to organising an annual Mopedathon. Starting in 2006 with a course laid out in bales on one of the large aircraft pans it has continued to grow over the years. Now the course starts within the Stations Go-kart track before heading out onto the dis-used runway. Run for charity this enjoyable (yet probably the most dangerous event the club runs) has gone from strength to strength.    

In no-way connected to the carnage encountered on occasional Mopedathons is the clubs running of Biker Down, First Bike on Scene or liaising with Hampshire Police to run Bikesafe courses. Safety is always at the forefront of OMCC events and these courses allow club members to ensure should they encounter any accidents whilst out riding they can be of assistance until medical help arrives. Of the charity money raised over the years the local Air Ambulances figure heavily in donations from the club.  

The Club has also successfully run tours over the years, not only around the UK, but also overseas, Battlefield tours of Northern France, tours of Austria, French MotoGP and a tour of the Spanish Pyrenees in Sep 19. Post COVID, further tours are planned to Scotland and hopefully, another Battlefield tour of northern France in 2021.

Starting in 2007, the club attended the UK MotoGP at Silverstone. By purchasing heavily subsidised tickets, club members have been able to attend for the week at a 1/3rd of normal ticket prices. Unfortunately COVID put paid to the 2020 MotoGP season, so these tickets are being held over for 2021.

As we look to the future, we hope to increase our membership numbers even further and also increase the variety in the club. In 2020, member numbers rose above 400 for the second year in a row. With the use of guest speakers at our monthly meetings (pre-COVID), the numbers there were growing steadily as well until the first lock-down back in March 2020.

We hope that post COVID that the club continues to rise as it has to the challenge of generating even better events for its members. The OMCC Committee and Events Members are the real stars of the club, as without their drive and vision the club would not be where it is today. If you fancy joining in on the organisational side or have a particular aspect of motorcycling that you’d like to further within the club feel free to touch base with our friendly, approachable committee.



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