OMCC RACING was born out of a desire to go racing on the cheap. We’re still waiting for the ‘cheap’ bit to kick in as we have destroyed a few bikes over the years.

OMCC RACING is the club’s effort to introduce newcomers to the thrill of racing. In the first instance, OMCC traditionally participated in a friendly yet competitive European Endurance racing championship that ventures to circuits such as Zolder, Assen, Zandvoort, Dijon and others. The club pays the race entry fees, provides the race bike along with assorted parts and spares required to survive a few days abroad (spare wheels, spare parts etc). The riders for any particular event have to provide transport and pay for the consumables, including fuel, tyres and brake pads.

New team riders are always welcome…in fact encouraged!! It takes 3 to make a team.

No special race license (i.e. an ACU license) is required to participate as this is all handled on a per-event basis by the race organiser.

Other OMCC club members have bought their own race bike and created their own team and are typically in attendance at every race.

OMCC RACING have also previously ventured into Off Road races, namely the 24hr Dawn-Til-Dusk effort and are always on the lookout for the next challenge to not come last in.

Then COVID arrived and that put paid to all the plans for 2020 and will have an impact on 2021’s season. Currently, there is no suitable series being run.  Hopefully a new series will run in 2022 that the OMCC will take part in.  More news as and when.


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