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OMCC are looking to provide a number of ‘off-road’ activities to give all members the opportunity to broaden their motorcycle experiences and develop a different set of skills. The club already has a number of experienced riders who regularly ride in competitions and/or trail ride and are always happy to chat to members who may want to cross over to the dark (and muddy) side!

Green Lane Riding

Throughout the year the club will offer the opportunity for trail bike owners to join organised rides. These will be led by experienced riders, on legal by-ways and unclassified roads that will be linked up with normal roads. The club has a number of members who are active ‘green-lane’ riders and the routes will mainly be in the Hampshire, Wiltshire, Berkshire areas.

The rides will be tailored to suit all riders and not overly technical. They will be advertised on the forum and will have a set number of places (usually around a maximum of 6). To be able to ride you will need your own trail bike which must be road legal – taxed, insured, MOT etc. Also you will need suitable riding gear – boots, helmet etc.

Trail Riding Trips

The club will look to organise a couple of trail riding trips a year for members. These trips will be with experienced guides in areas of the country with a wide range of trails/green lanes to experience. They will normally be for 2 days and in areas such as Wales, Devon or the Peak District.

We will try and use guides that provide a facility to hire bikes and riding gear so are ideal for riders without their own bikes who want to experience trail riding before maybe buying their own bike. Whilst there will be a cost to hire bikes and for guiding the club will make a donation to help reduce costs.

If you haven’t enjoyed the pleasure of exploring our countryside on a motorbike, riding with a group of like-minded people and laughing at the occasional mishap (yours and others) then give it a go! The dates and arrangements for these events will be posted on the forum and booked via the Events section of the website.

Off-Road Skills Development

Many riders in the club own adventure and trail/enduro bikes and may want to develop their off-road skills in a controlled but challenging environment. The club have been working to secure access to MOD land in the Bordon area to give riders an opportunity to develop their skills and maybe take the first steps to on off-road adventure!

We will be running off-road events roughly every 2 months (subject to availability of the land). Dates & locations will be published in the OMCC calendar and on the forums. The cost of the day will be £30 person/bike as we have to cover our costs and pay the MOD for the use of their land!

Participation will be secured by the online payment methods through the Events section and only available to members. Currently the club does not own any off-road bikes so these days will only be people owning suitable bikes. We are looking at purchasing 2/3 bikes for the future to enable members to ‘have a go’ prior to possibly buying their own bike.


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